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Robert Liberty. Leadership Makes a Difference.

Robert Liberty has served Metro District 6 for the past three years. He is now running for reelection, and needs your help!

A Record of Accomplishment.

During his time as a Metro Councilor, Robert has:

Proposed, and had passed, critical amendments to strengthen stream protections, at a time political pressures were trending in the opposite direction.

Served as co-chair of Metro's Housing Choice Task Force. As such, he lead the effort to invest $1 million seed money as part of a $10 to $20 million regional housing choice revolving fund to help build hundreds of new homes in the region's regional and town centers and around light rail stations.

Supported Measure 26-29, a regional bond measure to invest in parks, trails, and natural areas, while adding an innovative new element: a $15 million capital grant program to invest in natural areas and water quality projects in existing neighborhoods, with bonus points for projects in low income neighborhoods.

Led the effort to ensure the Lakeside landfill in Washington County is not polluting groundwater in violation of its dumping agreement. He also joined with his colleagues in supporting mandatory recycling and salvage of construction and demolition debris.

Created Metro's speaker series (2005-07) to bring new perspectives to regional economic development discussions. Those speakers argued cities in the region shouldn't compete with each other, but rather as a combined region to compete worldwide.

Continually challenged outdated transportation planning concepts and questioned new mega-projects such as the Columbia River Crossing.

Met with citizens at scores of community meetings and hearings, working on issues from the Sellwood Bridge to Gateway Art Project to the design of light rail stations in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Served on the Oregon Zoo's Master Planning Commission.

Helped organize and lead trips to Vancouver, British Columbia and its suburbs to help local officials see and understand different approaches to development that reflect aspects of the Metro 2040 Plan.

Briefed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on how the region's approach to growth was reducing the impact residents make on global warming.

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Help Re-Elect Robert!

To support Robert's re-election, please send a check to "Liberty for Metro", 3431 SE Tibbets Ave, Portland, OR 97202. Include your employer and occupation. Or, give on-line.

In 2004, we elected Robert because of his ideas and values about protecting our quality of life matched ours.

We won a close election because 800 people like you helped by contributing money, time and ideas.

While Robert has accomplished much at Metro, there's work yet to do.

It's time to open our wallets and give our time to make sure Robert can help protect the things we love about our region, and that make it a place we're proud to call home.

Email us if you can volunteer!

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